Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Altimet Feat Ruffedge -

All the ladies crew, move
Show me how you do, clap
Move, get on the floor,
Move, push it some more,
Move what you waiting for,
Don't stop get it get it

Verse 1
clap move, calling all area crew, from party peoples to the djs that's playing the tunes
clap move, all the ladies and chickens too
if you know how to move then I'm picking you
clap move, conversate get to know you from the top of your head down to your open toes shoes
clap move, what say u we both get our crews, rendezvous on the floor in a minute or 2
clap move, fall back, you not ready for all that, let me pass you my number and perhaps you cancall back
clap move, but if you ready for the now music heavy and its loud, I hold you steady in the crowd while the boys go

chorus x 2

verse 2
watch, how i spit it in, under a minute
to, get her digits then, move to teh next chiddick
end of the night, i leave with 8 set of numbers
game hotter than july you play like stevie and wonder
now if she play hard to get she gonna get ignored
thats the bait if she bite she gonne get hit wit more
game and if she like to, she can come and flex with me,
she can ,stick like glue if she wanna get busy,
lets narrow it down let the son pick one chick

follow me now, hit the floor fast like dumb quick,
if she out there hunting, well tonight she the hunted,
cos i spit flame slick game, uggh, i got hun sick
most wanted, position is under this dude's arm,
not to be dissin you not hot you barely lukewarm
I'm the best of my species the rest is lesser form
next to me you green and come up short like leprechauns, feel me

chorus x 2

verse 3
see what I'm really wondering is can I take you home
what I'm really wondering is can I make you bone
and I really will call if I say I'll phone,
but until then girl leave a alone
see I'm not really trying to spend some time
I'm just trying to spit game till the end of the rhyme
And I don't promise love till the end of time
But if you act up then it's the end of the line
Her whole crew say I'm cute like I'm Pokemon
Just gimme some time and I'll poke 'em all
Keep laughing if you think I'm joking doll
I spit game so fast my lips is smoking y'all
That's it, pass it over here I gotta have it
Grab it, smash it, its my bad habit
Just one session and now she's and addict
Cos everything I touch it feels like magic

Chorus x 2

Altimet, first among equals, the name explains it all,
It seems to me that, not only cant you all write proper,
You cant flow right, so I gotta teach you, class is now in session
Altimet, Ruffedge, BedSty switch it up for me.

Clap, move x3
This is how we do
Clap, move
Show me how you move
(repeat till fade)


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