Thursday, December 3, 2009

Law - Law under a tree

la la la la la!
i was out of breath
i was losing my mind
in an unfortunate scene
like i committed a crime, yeah!

we had arguments and fights
but never so blind not to accept our mistakes
kiss and make up
forgive and forget
like we never even met first time

such an elaborate plan
we tried to put into action
until nothing but fractions
seemed to multiply
it was a lost cause to chase
so then i left with some haste
and liberated i fly
to meet an old flame of mine

yeah i was on the run
from something
somebody to blame
somewhere to fly to

i don't care what they say
they're all liars; gossip away
if they try to bring me down
well they will feel my wrath
believe me
they will feel my wrath.


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